FindMore@NUSL - Survey on New Library Search Service.

FindMore@NUSL is a new discovery service that helps you to find more resources in the NUS Libraries and beyond, at one go! It searches the library catalogue, NUS subscribed online resources and much more. 

Dec 2013, brings the 2.0 version of this search, with various improvements including filtering by discipline, powerful advanced search field searching, image spotlighting and more. (See for details).

Please test this new search service at and tell us what you think. Your feedback will help improve the service. Thank you.

1. Which of the following do you like about the service? (You may select more than one answer)
The speed of discovery.
Simple to use, like Google.
Ability to search different content types (e.g. journal articles, newspaper articles, books, dissertations, etc.) in one search.
Ability to search large number of items compared to a single database.
Ability to restrict to full-text online items only.
Ability to refine results by content types (e.g. Newspapers articles, books, journal articles), year, subject terms, etc.
Ability to export citations in different styles (APA, MLA, AMA, Harvard, Chicago) as well as to bibliographic management software EndNote.
Others (please specify) 

2. Which of the following problems did you encounter? (You may select more than one answer)
Unable to find a known journal article after keying in the title in the search box.
In the results list, many links to the full-text do not work.
The results for my search topic are not very relevant.
There are too many results.
More search features needed (e.g. search history, email alerts).
Hard to tell which databases or journals are covered.
Others (please specify) 

3. Would you recommend this new search service to a friend or colleague?

4. Are you …?
An undergraduate
A graduate student
An academic/research staff
Executive / Professional staff
Other categories of staff
An external member
Others (please specify) 

5. Which NUS School or Faculty are you from?
Arts & Social Science
Design & Environment
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical
Integrative Sciences and Engineering
Public Health
Public Policy
Not Applicable
Others (please specify) 

6. Any other feedback about the new search service?

7. Contact information:
Email address

8. What is the main web browser you were using for this search?
Internet Explorer 6-7
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer (not sure version)
Firefox (any version)
Chrome (any version)
Safari (mobile or desktop)
Opera (any version)
Don't know or  Others 

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